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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Mini books and Stick pins go together!!

I was involved in a pin swap over at Flying Unicorn and wanted to come up with a way to package the pins. Paulien over at Swirlydoos was my inspiration with the mini book that she linked us to over at Tim Holt's blog. (Click on "Valentine mini book".) These little books are wonderful because they just use one piece of patterned paper, and you can decorate them to your heart's content. They also have several little pockets that you can tuck things into, so they worked well for the pins. I ended up using 3 of my favorite paper lines (as I had 3 different books to make) from Close to my Heart: Florentine, Dreamin' (retired), and Sonoma (soon to be retired), and I also made a matching card. Florentine:
I will only show you the inside pages of just one of the books - Florentine. If you would like to see the others, just email me and I will send you pics. I embellished the books with the co-ordinating stickers, flowers, etc that Close to My Heart produces for each paper line.
One final word about the pins. (I hope you have a coffee with you, because I know this has been a long blog.) :) Super, super, easy to make. You have got to try it. You will become addicted! I just picked up some beads at Walmart, 3 inch header pins, some E6000 glue and I was away. (There is a tutorial here for using a glue gun but I opted for the E6ooo glue instead.) They are a lot of fun to do, very economical, and you will be able to customize your cards and layouts in a whole new way. Ok. That's it. I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm off to enjoy a lovely summer day! Linda


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  3. Oh Linda.... This is amazing honey. I love ALL your mini books and OH MY.... CARDS TOO!!!!! wow wow wow.... I really love every single thing you have created! Those stickpins.... So So BEAUTIFUL!!!! I think that the top ones are my fav! Although.... the last ones are perfect for vintage pages and the middlest.... for summer projects... they really are all beautiful sweetie!!!!!

  4. lovely mini's and thanks for the tip on the pins...If I become addicted I will be blaming you. (kidding) thanks for the inspiration

  5. These are so darling and love the lace! Question: what mini books are you using? or are you just using CS to make them? or are these on Close to My Heart to buy? I'm a new consultant and would love to make some of these at a class. I also love these papers and need to get more Sonoma and Florentine before they run out. Oh... maybe Florentine is staying.. not sure!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!!!! Beads & Paper are my two addictions. you have combined them so well!

  7. lovely stick pins. you have me wanting to run out and get some... thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog appreciated

  8. Linda,!

    These are all BEAUTIFUL!! I also love the stick pins what a wonderful way to kick it up a notch