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Monday, October 17, 2016

10 CTMH "City Sidewalks" Christmas Cards

Hi everyone,

I have made another set of 10 Christmas cards.  These ones were made using the CTMH "City Sidewalk" Workshop Your Way.

As I did in this post, I wanted to see how many cards I could make using the Workshop Your Way kits after first making the 3 double layouts.  I could have made more cards... but I stopped at 10.  There is a lot of value in these kits!

I explain how I glittered up the dark blue tree paper above, in my instruction PDF which you will get a link for below.

Thanks again Janice Gilhooley for the instructions for the snowman card!

If you would like the instructions for these cards, you will find them here. 



  1. What a wonderful creative job making all these cards....just great!

  2. And just to add...very generous to share your detailed instructions ...has me thinking about purchasing those PML cards!!! :-)

    1. Thank you Coelle! Just to make sure there's no confusion, when I talk about the Picture my Life cards, I'm meaning the 2 sheets that are included in the City Sidewalks paper pack, not the "Happy, Happy Christmas" ones. (Don't want you to get the wrong ones if you decide to!) Thanks again for the kind words.

  3. Great work on all of your cards Linda. Thank you so much for the credit on your Half Fold Snowman Card - I really appreciate it! :)

  4. Thank you for the instructions!