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Monday, September 1, 2014

Creative Bloggers' Hop

There’s a new “Hop” flying around the blogging world called the Creative Bloggers’ Hop.  The purpose of this Hop is to meet other creative souls, learn about new techniques, moments of inspiration, and other motivational things that make those of us who love to create SMILE!

My good friend, Kim Heard, who designs for SwirlydoosScrapbooking & Papercrafting Kits, nominated my blog this week and I am really thrilled to be a part of this world-wide hop! 

I met Kim through Swirlydoos when I became a member several years ago.  She is a lot of fun and her scrapping style is GORGEOUS!  Check out her blog “My Life: Up Close & Personal”, and you will see what I mean.  Kim and her husband travel a lot and she shares her experiences with us through her wonderful layouts.  She also keeps us entertained on the Swirlydoos forum boards.  Kim has provided me with a lot of inspiration over the years, and I thank her so much for this nomination.

There are four questions all participants of the Hop need to answer before they nominate three other bloggers to continue on the tour.  

1.  What am I working on?

Since it is the end of the month, I am busy planning projects for the rest of the month.  I teach classes at my home which will now be resuming after the summer break, so I am REALLY busy right now.  When planning a class I need to figure out what cards, layouts, and other projects we will be doing, let the ladies know through a newsletter, and get everything ordered and prepared!  I am also trying to get “ahead” of the Christmas rush by planning my Christmas workshops right now.  Here’s a peek at the scrappy “pretties” I’m playing with.  I think I see a mini album coming!!  *wink*

It’s really important to me to scrap for myself as well, so besides planning for my classes, I am getting ready for all the new challenges that are being set out right now.  I love challenges because they keep me focused and they send me in directions that I would never go on my own.  I find I have really grown and developed new skills through doing challenges.  

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Hmmmm, this is a very good question.  No matter the inspiration and technique that you learn from others, you are always striving to bring your own individuality to a project.  I guess my work differs because I scrap MY family, and MY loves and interests.  Nobody but me is going to feel the same way about the subjects in my work, and I build up everything I use (colour, texture, materials, etc.) around them and how I feel about them.  This shadow box frame that I did of my childhood dog and myself is an example of that.  I had lots of pretty things to use, just like everybody else, but I put my whole heart and soul into this project because of my love for my childhood friend and that makes it uniquely mine.

3.  Why do I write/create what I do?

LOL, this answer should be on the tip of my tongue, because my husband asks me this constantly.  I only know that I love it.  I love making beautiful layouts of family, friends, and pets – remembering special times with them and celebrating their place in my life.  I love pretty patterns, and flowers, and sparkly things, and I love playing with them!  *Insert BIG smile here.* It is very rewarding to me to give a gift to someone that I have made myself.  

I also love the camaraderie of the paper crafting/creative world.  Everyone shares, inspires and encourages.  It’s a wonderful environment to be in, and I get to be there every day!!

4.  How does your writing/creating process work?

When I’m starting a project, I put all my supplies on the table and start mixing things around, combining different papers with each other, laying embellishments on them etc. until I get a combination that makes me go “Yes!”  (We won't talk about what happens when that moment DOESN'T come.  LOL)

Once something starts feeling right to me, I think about what photos I have that work nicely with what I have going on, and maybe what embellishments I need to add or create that will enhance what’s starting to form in front of me.  

It’s quite experimental.  I don’t have the ability to see it in my mind, I have to do it physically.  Quite often I will discard what I thought was a fantastic idea, because it just doesn’t work!  This is the fun of it though… and I always save those discarded pieces...  because lo and behold... the next project you work on might be perfect for them!

So now that you know an awful lot about me *wink*, let me share some wonderful friends with you

Jennie Atkinson is someone whose style I instantly admired on the Swirlydoos forums when I first met her.  She is an avid attendee on the Card Challenges and her card making skill is unbelievable.  Besides card making, Jennie also loves to make beautiful flowers.  A trip to her blog will lead you to many flower tutorials that she has created.  

Jennie is a designer for Country View Challenges, Anything But a Card, Crafts-Too Challenge You and A Vintage Journey.  Her blog is called "Live the Dream" and let me tell you, a quick visit there and you will see that she really IS living the dream.  

Jennie spends several weeks out of the year scrapping from a sail boat as she and her husband sail around the West Coast of Scotland and the Western Isles.  You really MUST check out her post here where she shows you her scrap "room" on the sail boat and the small 12"x 12" plastic tote of scrapping supplies she travels with!  Here's a picture of the very cool nautical mini and storage envelope that she made while on her trip.

Christy Butters is another talented gal whom you will find around blog land.  Creativity is her middle name!  She does mixed media like nobody else I know and I absolutely love her work! 

Christy designs for the Craft Hoarders Anonymous Challenge blog, is a staff member at the Scrapbook News and Review magazine, as well as a teacher at The Art Studio.  

I got to know Christy through some of the online challenge forums, where she is always happy to share not only her talent, but her extensive knowledge of mixed media as well. Here is only ONE of the amazing pieces of art work that you will find on Christy's blog "Creating With the Girls".

I am still waiting to hear from my final nominee, as to whether she can participate in this blog hop.  I forgot about it being a holiday weekend when I emailed her.  In order to keep this post "on time" I will add her information at a later date.  

For now, I will say good-bye and thank you for stopping in.   If you made it to the bottom of this LONG post, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!  Do be sure to check out the blog links I have given you.  I know you will really enjoy visiting these lovely ladies!

Enjoy creativity in all its forms!


  1. I'm so glad you decided to join the hop. I love what you have shared.

    Thank you for the kind words.You are an amazing designer and I have gotten great inspiration from you as well.

  2. What an awesome post Linda :) Thanks for sharing yourself and your love of this craft <3 I'm happy I'm getting to know you through Srirlydoos :)


  3. Great post Linda, love the info you shared about the ladies blogs, I didn't know that Jennie scrapped on their sail boat!

  4. I love reading what you wrote about yourself. It's fun to go in deeper and hear about everyone's creative thought process as well as seeing their beautiful work.
    (ps thanks for nominating me :) )

  5. What a fabulous post Linda - so lovely to hear all about you and your creative life and thank you too for the nomination and the lovely words. Jennie x

  6. So nice to have a peep into your process Linda. It was fantastic to open the latest Canadian Scrapbooker and see you Published!. Keep smiling and creating my friend.