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Friday, September 20, 2013

Festive Friday September Blog Hop

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the 2nd month of the Festive Friday Blog Hop! 

The path is circular and the starting point is at our wonderful coordinator, Diane Tuggle's, blog.  You should have arrived here from Carol Loftus' blog.  I will put a list of all the participants at the bottom of my post, in case you should get lost! 

Well, I had such a FUN day today!  I feel like I should be wishing you all Merry Christmas!  because I spent the afternoon making Christmas ornaments.  I LOVE doing this right now when there isn't any of that holiday stress!!  There is nothing like glitter and pretty paper to put a smile on your face!  
I made 3 ornaments today, out of 2 sheets of Frosted paper, 1 sheet of Silver glitter paper, one package of Base and Bling Floral Accents, and using a container of Silver Glitz glitter gel.
This post would be far too long if I showed all 3 at once and how to make them, so I will be featuring one every Festive Friday from now until November.
The first one is my favorite, and super easy to make!  It's quite a large ornament - 6" wide x 10" long - and it sparkles from top to bottom!


To make this ornament, I adapted the tutorial that you will find here.  For the center piece, I cut a piece of silver Glitter paper 1"x12", folded it in half and glued it together to make a 6" strip.  Next I cut 2 pieces that were 1"x7"  and 2 pieces that were 1"x9", from both the silver Glitter paper and the Frosted paper.  I glued a Frosted piece and a Glitter piece together.  (I did this to make the strips a little sturdier.)  Now you will have 4 strips of paper that are glittery on one side, and patterned paper on the other.  Making sure that the tops of all the strips are flush, put the shorter strips on the inside, the longer ones on the outside, and staple them together.  Then do the same at the bottom of the ornament.
 The picture below shows the strips with the patterned side and the glittered side.
To make the medallion, I used a snowflake punch for the center, a 2" scalloped punch for the next layer, and a 2-7/8" scallop punch for the bottom layer.  (I cut 3 pieces of the bottom layer and glued them all together so that it would be sturdier.)  Then of course, that's a piece of the Base and Bling Floral Accents package, on top of everything.  So pretty!
In order to attach the medallion, I made little brackets out of scrap Glitter paper and glued them to each side of the center strip.  I forgot to take a photo of the front side, but the 2 brackets side by side make a flat surface to glue the medallion on. 

For the bottom tassel, I glittered up the edges of a white rose with the silver Glitz Glitter Gel, and tied some tassels from Color Ready Seam Binding Ribbon that I had crinkled.  (Spray with water, crunch in a ball, dry while it's still crunched up.)  I made the bow at the top from the same crinkled ribbon.  The pearls, etc. were from a Christmas garland that I got in the clearance  section at Michael's after Christmas.  I cut bits and pieces of it and then twined them all together.

And there you have it!  One Christmas ornament that is ready to hang on the tree, hang in the window, or even be attached to a gift bag! 
I hope you are enjoying the Blog Hop so far, your next stop for inspiration will be
Jamie Barney's blog
Here is a list of all the Blog Hop participants if you should get lost.



  1. Breathtaking! If this is a gift the recipient is only lucky person.

  2. Wow!! This is absolutely gorgeous. I am pinning this one! Thanks for the instruction.

  3. Your ornament is beautiful. I can't wait to see the other ornaments you created.

    Mary Ellen

  4. Beautiful! I'm going to have to try the glittery ribbon rose.

  5. This is stunning! It has a beautiful vintage flair and I love all the sparkle. I'm looking forward to seeing the others!

    Hugs, Dawn