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Friday, May 31, 2013

Fairy Gardens and Dragons' Dens!

Hi everyone!

This is a little different from what I usually post about, but I had such a lot of fun with it, that I wanted to share!

I belong to the local Gardening Club and we are having a booth tomorrow at our town's annual SpringFest.  It's just to showcase the club and give the public a little idea of what we do.  At our next meeting I am going to be showing everyone how to make Fairy Gardens, so we decided I would make a garden to have on display at the booth.

Well..... be forewarned.... you can't just stop at ONE garden .... once you get started, you just CAN'T stop!  LOL.

I started with a Fairy Garden for my grand-daughter to enjoy.

A trip to Michael's snagged me the fairy and a bag of potpourri that had some awesome seed heads and pinecone flowers in it.  I also realized, while I was picking up fish food at the local pet shop, that aquarium decorations work wonderfully in these gardens.  The fairy is sitting on a piece from there! 

The little house is a wooden birdhouse from the dollar store that I painted with crackle paint, sprayed with stains to fill in the cracks, and glued sphagnum moss on top.  The rest of the stuff was just little accents that I had collected here and there.  (Don't you love those eency weency gardening tools by the front door!!)

Well I wasn't ready to stop with the fun yet.  I had a Fairy Garden for my grand-daughter, but what about my grandson?  Well he needed a Dragon's Den of course!

I absolutely loved this beautiful blue Dragon (again, from Michael's), and I built him a ledge of rocks to protect his dragon eggs below.  (See what fun you can have with your imagination when building these gardens??  LOL) 

 I tucked more of the bits and pieces from the potpourri bag, here and there.

And just to show that there's room in EVERYONE'S garden for a little magic, I made this tiny little Butterfly Garden.

The beautiful Monarch is resting on a patch of Irish Moss.  The butterfly was also found at Michael's.  (Their toy section is a treasure trove I tell you!)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these little gardens, as much as I enjoyed making them!
Have a great weekend everyone, whether you're in the garden or the craft room!



  1. These are awesome Linda! They look like great fun and I bet your grandkids' imaginations will pick up right where yours left off. I do love those little garden tools :)

    Hugs, Dawn

  2. Great idea to use aquarium decorations! We have a big fish tank, so I wonder why I never thought of this idea. We'll see what kind of treasures I pick up next time I buy fish food. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Linda, you are speaking the language I love with the fairies, dragons and magical pocket garden spaces. Thanks for the Michaels tip, sounds like a great rainy day thing to do. Keep smiling and creating

  4. Linda, the garden is turning out fantastic, love them both, looks like some big fun was had creating them, thanks so much for sharing them, I love it..

  5. Linda, All of these are simply fantastic! I am truly inspired.

  6. Fantastic little gardens! Really love the teacup!!!