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Saturday, December 22, 2012

O Holy Night!

I was playing with Gelatos this week.  I see now why everyone is talking about them.  They're alot of fun to work with!

I started out by embossing the snowflakes on the tag and then coloured over them with a combination of these gelatos:

Now I have to admit, I thought "eek" at this stage of the  tag:
But I swirled the colours around with my finger, and sprayed some water on,
and things started to look better. 
BUT ... the purple blob in the middle... oh no... NOT the look I was going for:
Not to worry, go in and add some more colour where you feel it's needed:
and you end up with a beautiful glowing tag:
For the card background, I did the same thing, only left out the purple colour in order that the tag would stand out against the blue. 
The chippie was also painted with Gelatos.  This time I rubbed a bit on my craft mat, and smeared a little water in, making it into a paint which I then brushed on.  It was a little light in colour, so I painted over the Gelatos with several different colours of Smooch accent ink, outlined the chippie with a black Pitt pen, and then stamped a little bit of gesso here and there to soften it up.
The flower started out looking like this:

I sprayed it with black Smooch spritz, and rubbed in the purple Gelato here and there, dabbed it in glue and then glitter, and added some beads to the center, and it became this:

And that's it!  Throw in a little bit of burlap, and a little bit of bling, and you're done!
I apologize for my "plain" looking blog right now.  Something has happened with Blogger and my wallpaper is gone.  :( 
I will try and figure out what has happened, after Christmas, coz you know, right now it's CHRISTMAS and my list of "to do's" is still pretty LONG!  LOL.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and finish off YOUR lists!





  1. Haven't tried gelatos but you have made them look good fun to play with. Loving that background effect. Have a wonderful Christmas, hugs Jenny x

  2. Love how you can go back & add more where you want it - these look like super messy fun. And MY GOSH that bloom! Love it :)