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Saturday, December 8, 2012

My "Rocker" Husband

Hi everyone,

Gee, Dec 8th ... need I say more????  What's a person to do, time is racing, chores are piling up... yikes.  I love all the concerts and music and decorating, but what I HATE is trying to fit housekeeping chores in there too.  YUCK.  Talk about ruining a girl's fun.  :) 

I decided to deal with it all today by turning the Christmas music on and just going full bore at everything that's been piling up.  (We're talking no room on the kitchen counters anymore.  *smile*)  (While I'm confessing... there's no clothes to wear either.  *NOT smiling anymore*)    The music's at the highest volume too.... for some reason it only motivates me when the whole neighbourhood can hear it!  But fun... I'm singing along ... a little rustily...and things are getting done.  What helps you at this time of year??  Give me tips ... I need HELP!!!

But back to scrapping,  this is a layout of my husband that I did for another Swirlydoos challenge

The picture of Gordon was taken at our son's wedding a couple years ago, when he was convinced to play a tune during the service. (I don't think he has played in front of an audience since his young "rocker" days when he played in a band at local dances.) 
We were to use a rock song for inspiration and grunge it up big time.  It was a lot of fun ... I really attacked the background paper with water and mist and a lot of scrunching and tearing! 
I had a great time making these zipper embellishments ... I just rolled them around in different shapes until I liked what I saw... and then added some screws!  For the guitar, I used "The Drunken Scotch" technique on it which uses Aileen's Tacky Glue, Alcohol Inks and a heat gun. 
You can find a video tutorial here
I kept practising on little pieces of chipboard until I got the colours working the way I wanted them to.  The colour of alcohol ink that I used was "Stream".

 The small picture was taken in the '70's when we were first married. 
And yes, our children laugh often, at his resemblance to Hyde from "That 70's Show"! 
I can tell you, his personality was/is the same too.  *laughing* 
That's it for today! 
Take care, and if you're feeling stressed about Christmas,
put some carols on and dance around your kitchen in your socks.
It's guaranteed to get you back in the proper spirit!! 

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  1. This page just puts a smile on your face! Fabulous photo and yes he actually did look like Hyde from 'That 70's Show' back in the day! :-) Also nice zipper embellies! I have yet to play with any kind of zipper embellishments...they are on my 'to do' list.