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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Good morning everyone!

I promised to show you what I created in my craft room to work on, so here it goes.  This was my inspiration photo:
I got 2 desk top pieces from Ikea that were 23-5/8" wide and 78-3/4" long...
And screwed each end to the top of these 6 cube organizers that I got from Michaels...
This is what the table looks like with the two desk tops pushed together.  I found that the tables were so long, they needed some support in the middle, so I added another couple of the 6 cube organizers.  (Hey it was all good...more room to store stuff!!)  They are not screwed to the desk tops, they are just sitting there.
Then I purchased two of these Expedit drawer units from Ikea...
and pushed them in so they backed up against the organizers.
They fit perfectly, and I am able to store my cricut and vagabond on them.  The best thing is that they roll out and you have extra work space to use if you need it.  (You know... for all those Christmas cards you're working on right now.)  :)  On the other side of the table, it looks like this:
You can see where those middle organizers can now be accessed.  They sit in about a foot and a half, so they are easy to reach.  There is also room to store a stool to sit on, and I have my longer cutters tucked in the gap on the right.
These containers were purchased at Canadian Tire.  They store a TON of stuff. 
All in all, this table uses 6 of those organizers from Michaels, and it is 4' wide by 6-1/2' long.  I LOVE it.  So much room to work on and so much STORAGE!
Now I just need to get filling it up!  LOL
Hope I've given you some ideas for your room.  If you have any questions, just send me an email.  Have a great day everyone!



  1. And now you can come build one for me, LOL

  2. Linda, your craft table looks wonderful!
    Hugs and smiles