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Monday, March 28, 2011

Swirlydoos "Cabaret" March kit

This is the March kit at http://www.swirlydoos.com/.  I can't wait to try it.  (I know, I know, everyone else is long done and waiting for the next kit.  I'm very slow!!!)  I know what pictures I want to use though.

These are from my son's wedding last year.  They had brought a "tickle trunk" full of boas, sunglasses, hats, etc for the little kids to play with during the evening, and the big "kids" got into them at the end of the night.  Lots of fun.  I think the "Cabaret" pictures will be perfect for them!
Here's the sketch that goes with the kit:
This sketch was created by Beggahuna (www.scrapbook.is/beggahuna) for Swirlydoos.

May All Your Dreams Come True - "Secret Garden" layout

This is my first layout that I have done that is not "flat". It was done with the March kit "Secret Garden" from http://www.scrapthat.ca/.  I so enjoyed the whole process from fussy-cutting to making the "coffee filter" flower! This flower was made from a tutorial on Lisa Gregory's blog:  http://www.what-a-beautiful-mess.blogspot.com/.  The butterflies and swirly vines came from tutorials on http://www.swirlydoos.com/, a website that she is the design team co-ordinator for.  I have learned so much from her blog and the tips she gives on swirlydoos. 

The jewellery piece in the bottom right hand corner is an old earring that has been languishing in my junk drawer for years. I added it because Emily has always been entranced with my "ring-ears" as she calls them. It is a little memory that I have tucked in for her!  She is my first grand-daughter, 3 years old, and so very dear to me.  I cherish the moments I get  to spend with her, because I get to see the world through a child's eyes again, and it's a whole, fresh new world!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Madame Butterfly Kit

April's kit looks like it is going to be as beautiful as the March one:

With all the snow we have and more coming every day, it will be very enjoyable to work with a butterfly theme and think of spring and all the beautiful days ahead that are coming.  I'm wearing my light spring coat everyday in hopes that it will somehow chase winter away.  (Yes, I'm shivering but I'm bound and determined...you know the saying... "if you build it, they will come"!)

Dusty Attic Retailer - Vicky Alberto

Vicky Alberto, a designer at Scrap That!, has recently become a retailer of Dusty Attic products.  Check out her etsy store:  www.etsy.com/shop/vickyalberto for a wonderful selection of chipboard products that are truly beautiful.  She is currently running a contest to promote her new shop and look at the gorgeous stuff you could win!  Don't wait too long, she's making the draw on April 1st!

P.S.  You will also love her blog:  http://www.simplypaperandcreativity.blogspot.com/.  Her layouts are very beautiful, she gives lots of tips, and has several tutorials on how to make flowers.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A "Secret Garden" full of fairies and bunnies

These are the kits that were offered in March from Scrap That!  The paper is a collection from Graphic 45 called "Once Upon a Springtime".  It is so beautiful and the fairy theme was perfect for doing a layout with my 3 year old grand-daughter in it.  She so loves fairies (and princesses too).  I am busy working on a layout right now with her in it and am having a great time fussy-cutting fairies, glittering up butterflies, and creating some flower and bead embellishments!

I have always done "flat" scrapbooking and this is a new journey for me... learning how to add depth.  I appreciate all the blogs where everyone has shared their tips, ideas, and layouts for inspiration.  I knew I was hooked when I found myself in Walmart, eyeing up a plastic shower scrubber in the bath section, and wondering what kind of flower could be made out of it!

I have decided when I do a layout, I'm going to add a poem or saying that means something to me in some way, as a gift to the person/persons in the layouts.  Here are some some lovely little stories about fairies that I thought I would share.  I love them because they remind me that we are surrounded by things of wonder, if we just look around and allow ourselves to see.  
Feel free to use them if they touch you in any way!

Few folk have seen a Fairy,
But I found this one for you.
If you believe with all your might
She'll make your dreams come true.

- Author unknown.

--"Once upon an enchanted evening, fireflies danced, and fairies made wishes come true..."
- Author unknown.

If we opened our minds to enjoyment, we might find tranquil pleasures spread about us on every side. We might live with the angels that visit us on every sunbeam, and sit with the fairies who wait on every flower. ~Samuel Smiles.

I particularly like this following one because it symbolizes the journey I am on right now as I deal with issues from menopause and struggle to find a new path for myself in this journey called life.  Re-connecting with my inner child is a little frightening as I had tucked her away to protect her.  This poem reminds me of the joy that can be found if I work through the fear:

Deep inside the crystal forest
Where many fear to go
Is a place of peace and harmony
Where the springs of eternity flow.
This is where the faeries live
And pass away the hours
Dancing through the trees,
Playing in the flowers.
Faeries flitting on gossamer wings
Are a common sight.
Their wings of rainbow colors
Unfold quietly, taking flight.
Come and take the journey
To find your child within
Open up your heart and mind
And watch the magic begin.
~© By Christine McClimans aka Corky Ferguson ~