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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

What are Fundamental Assortments???

Hi everyone,

So.... the Fundamental Assortments, on sale here, just what are they?  Here's a little close up of a package in the Pomengranate colour.

Each Assortment features 6 wooden stickers, 6 paper bows with gold or silver foil patterns, 8 plastic clips, and a 6" × 6" sheet of glitter stickers.

The assortments come in 8 different colours:  








They are flat and sparkly and are great to add some glitter and shine to layouts, cards and planners.  Here's some examples using them, that I have found for you around the internet.  You can click on each image to take a closer look.

Noreen Petty has many layouts featuring them.  You can find her blog here.

There's a lot of decorating potential in those little packages!
They're on sale right now - 50% off - in a bundle of all 8 colours.
$47 for the bundle, which works out to $5.88 per package.
You can find them here

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