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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm hosting a Card Round Robin at Swirlydoos - come join us!

This month I am hosting a Card Round Robin challenge at Swirlydoos that is open to EVERYONE!  We are in the process of setting up teams right now and I would love to see some of my followers join in as it is a lot of fun.   Swirly kits are NOT a requirement; you can use whatever supplies you have on hand.

If you are not familiar with a Round Robin challenge, it goes like this:

1)  Teams of 3 are set up, with someone from each team (you can request which week you would like) posting in Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

2)  The person in Week 1 designs a card, following the "Twists" I have requested, and posts it here and here for her teammate in Week 2 to "lift" and make her own.  ("Lift" just means you "roughly" follow the pattern or some of the elements of your teammate's card.) 

3)  The person in Week 2 repeats the above, posting her version of the card for her teammate in Week 3 to follow.

4)  The challenge is finished when all of the Week 3 teammates have posted their cards.

It is fun to watch as the cards change from teammate to teammate.

The twists that I am asking for are:
1)  Make an embellishment for your card.  For some ideas to get you started, see here, here, or here.
2)  Use handmade flowers.
3)  Make something that makes you happy and share with everyone why.  (Sharing is done on the forum here.)

Teammates assigned to Week 1 must post their cards by Oct. 12th.
Week 2 must be posted by Oct. 19th.
Week 3 must be posted by Oct. 26th.   Again, you can request which week you are assigned to.

I am taking sign-ups here until Thursday, Oct 3rd, and the teams will be posted on October 4th.

If you have any questions, just contact me by email (see form on top right side of my blog) and I will get back to you.

After the challenge ends on Oct 26th, I am going to have a random draw for the following RAK:

Hope to see you signing up soon!


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