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Saturday, June 22, 2013

I'm hosting the Swirly Girls' Challenge!

I wanted to let you all know that I'm hosting a challenge over at Swirlydoos this month.  The theme is "Friendship" and I used this layout that I designed for Scrapbooker's Paradise here for inspiration to get everyone started.

Here's an explanation of the challenge and all the rules.  I had a lot going on in the month of June, and forgot to post about this at the start of the month; as you will see in the rules, you get points which accumulated week by week.  So if any of you decide to join this challenge (and I'd love to see you do it!!) I will give you 6 bonus points to make up for the lost time.  There's alot of reading but really the challenge itself is VERY simple and you only need to do the "twist" if you want to.  

Here's the challenge copied from Swirlydoos:

With all the happy chatter going on in the threads about getting together for Camp Swirlydoos and Andie’s Swirly Getaway, I started thinking about all the fun everyone is going to have and the celebration of friendship. So this month’s theme is: Friendship. You can make a layout, a card, an OTP… it’s up to you!

Twists: For extra points add: 1) 4 Layers of paper 2) Chipboard 3) Punching
But I don’t want to stop with just completing a project this month, I’d like to try having an online “Camp”. Let’s get to know each other better and have some fun, just like we do when we go to crops and camps! Each week, I’ll have a theme, and as you’re working on your project, you can join in and share with us. Every time you share something, you will earn a point. Share as often, or as little as you like, on every topic.

Week 1: (June 2-8) We all know each other fairly well from the forums, but let’s learn more. Share something about where you live, your family, your pets, your work, activities you like to do aside from scrapping, etc. Pictures would be a wonderful bonus!

Week 2: (June 9 – 15) What makes you smile? We are all blessed everyday with things that make us smile, no matter what trials or tribulations we are going through. Share things that make you smile … even if it’s through tears.

Week 3: (June 16 – 22) Jokes! Any scrap or quilting retreat that I’ve ever gone to has been filled with laughter and fun, so we MUST have jokes or funny cartoons this week.

Week 4: (June 23 – 30) Oh no, “camp” is almost over. We all have to leave having learned something new … share a new technique that you’re anxious to try, a wonderful tutorial that you’ve seen, something that you’ve “pinned” that is totally cool, or something that you’ve made that you’re very proud of. 

10 Bonus points: If you live close to another Swirly Sister (or two), and you get together sometime during this month – post a picture!!

At the end of the month, I will tally up everyone’s points. Each one will be like a raffle ticket, and they will all go into a random draw. The more “tickets” you have, the better chance you have of winning! 

The prize will be goodies from my craftroom: masks, lace, bling, stamps, etc. I will post a picture in a couple of days.

1) Because we also want to make NEW friends at “Camp”, Krissy has given me permission to allow non-members to play along also! You don’t have to use kits for this challenge – use what you have on hand and as you get to know us, you might decide you’d like to try out some of the beautiful kits Krissy puts together and join in on some of the other awesome challenges! (Of course the Swirly Girls will want to use their Swirly stuff because it is just SO gorgeous!) 
2) Your projects need to be posted by midnight, June 30th. MST. Please post them in the Gallery (label it June SGC), as well as on this thread. (I will make sure that all projects are also shown on the first page of the thread.)
3) This challenge can be entered into other challenges.
4) Share your enjoyment of your friends’ projects with us all by leaving your comments in the gallery. Comments on the thread are nice too! 
5) If you have friends that you want to bring along to “Camp”, now is the time. Invite them by word of mouth, on your blogs, facebook, etc. 

So that’s it, if you have any problems with the gallery, or questions about “Camp”, just let me know.
I’m working on a layout today for “inspiration” and will post it as soon as it’s finished!
I’m really looking forward to this month of “Camp” and hope you all have a lot of fun with it!!

After looking around in my craftroom, I found a few things that I have duplicates of. (It's a long story...LOL) So here is the RAK I have put together for the winner. (The paper pad is the 8x8 size.) Good luck everyone!

So I hope I have inspired some of my "following" friends to take a look at this challenge and maybe give it a try!


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  1. Ooooo saw this creation on the blog list and had to check it out! Really beautiful! Lovely details!
    Have a great week1
    Mandy (kashagray5)